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7 Slim: How can I lose 8 kg in a month

I rarely write reviews, but this medicine cannot pass. Two months ago, I bought 7 Slim on the recommendation of my sister.

Comments 7 Slim

I want to share the results of the one-month course and the performance 30 days after the course ends. I hope my experience can help readers lose weight.

Briefly introduce the application method

The medicine is drops. There is no need to use a pipette or measuring cup for measurement, all doses are metered. One ampoule-one dose. The pack contains 20 mini packs.

The instructions are simple and clearly tell you how to use 7 Slim: Drink 3 times a day and drink juice or water 20-30 minutes before meals. I decided to diversify the application and add liquid to the milk, and then add protein powder to it. After that, I found no indigestion or other side effects.

Up to 7 slim

My input is 75 kg at 170 height. This is 25 kilograms of my ideal weight. Yes, it started after I was born. This activity is standard activity-walking to subway stations, shops, and sometimes even walking in the nearest park. I did not participate in sports before or during class. No time to go to the gym. It is worth mentioning that when the weight loss started, there was obvious cellulite on my thighs.

7 slim after 30 days


I can't restrain myself and weigh myself every week, even though they say they will gain weight. The first time it was negative one kilogram, then 1. 5 minutes. . . In the third and fourth weeks, the result increased sharply to 2. 5 and 3 kilograms! Obviously, this impact is cumulative. A total of 8 kg in 30 days, by the end of the course, my weight reached 67 kg.

The fat is significantly reduced. The skin after weight loss does not hang down, which is very sharp by the standards of nutritionists (they recommend a monthly reduction of no more than 4 kg). I did a light massage with a hard brush, but did not take any further tightening measures. At the exit, the skin became elastic, as if I hadn't been on a diet.


7 Slim is a very fast weight loss therapy. For me, the best result is only three weeks with a single diet, but honestly, this is a torture to the human body. With 7 Slim, facts have proved that it can lose weight quickly without affecting health. Most importantly, the kilograms are not coming back! One month passed, but no one gram was added. I suggest you try it too.